Golden Lily (Box Hill)

Yum cha $$ Good quality yum cha. A little bit hidden in Whitehorse towers, took me a little while to find! Highlights included the pork ribs, cheung fun (thick rice noodles), chicken feet (not a fan personally, but others said was great!), and bbq pork buns. Sadly they’ve stopped the traditional yum cha method ofContinue reading “Golden Lily (Box Hill)”

Half Acre (South Melbourne)

Modern European $$ First time having a bottomless brunch! And this place delivered. Not a large selection but enough great dishes to make a hearty meal. Favourites included the bread and dips, smoked salmon and cauliflower. And you can make your own drinks as well. Beautiful venue as well, on a quiet street. Great valueContinue reading “Half Acre (South Melbourne)”

Sol Rising (Maldives)

Pullman Resort $$$ Advertised as the ‘healthy’ alternative at this resort, they still have a few dishes of delicious not-so-healthy foods. My favourite was definitely the salmon bagel, bread was so soft and cream cheese so perfectly balanced the dish. Definitely the best bagel I’ve ever had! The caviar was a tasty and fancy topping.Continue reading “Sol Rising (Maldives)”

Souq Oven (Italian) (Maldives)

Pullman Resort $$$ Italian restaurant by day, Mediterranean by night. Highlights were definitely the arancini balls, very cheesy and truffly. Pizza was wood-fire oven made and pretty crispy. The pork belly came in huge serving sizes, never would have complained about too much meat before! The lobster bisque was a bit too rich for myContinue reading “Souq Oven (Italian) (Maldives)”

Fried Kway Teow, Fried Prawn Mee, Fried Oyster, Carrot Cake (Singapore)

Hawker Stall $ There’s so much choice in hawker stalls at the Maxwell Food Centre, so hard to pick where to eat! Tried the Char Kway Teow here, not the best I’ve had, but pretty decent. 🥡🥡🥡🥡🥡🥡🥡 7/10

Tong Fong Fatt Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice (Singapore)

Hawker Stall $ To be honest, only tried this place because the famous Tian Tian Hainanese chicken place was closed. But this place was great! Was served by this adorable old man, and came with soup and rice. You also get the choice of roasted or steamed chicken. Chicken was tender with a nice subtleContinue reading “Tong Fong Fatt Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice (Singapore)”

Social Place (Singapore)

Chinese $$ This place had possibly my favourite dish in Singapore, unexpectedly, a seafood crackling rice soup. Simple, flavourful, crunchy and delicious, it was a comforting rice soup on a whole other level. Other dishes were very Instagram worthy, including buns shaped as roses, chicken and pigs (although surprisingly they was all sweet not savoury),Continue reading “Social Place (Singapore)”

McDonald’s (Singapore)

Fast Food $ Was curious to see the difference between Singapore and Australian McDonald’s. They have a bit more variety! Went for the staple chicken nuggets, but also got the chicken wings. The chicken nuggets got served with curry sauce and garlic and chilli sauce. The chicken wings were surprisingly great! Skin was crispy, andContinue reading “McDonald’s (Singapore)”

Cloudstreet (Singapore)

Modern Australian $$$$ This Sri-Lankan born Australian chef behind Cloudstreet, Rishi Naleendra, has done a fantastic job with this place! The food, cutlery, and interior are all visually stunning. Had the 5 course set menu. Favourites included the creamy curry broth, the perfectly seasoned and cooked beef wagyu, and the stout and liquorice bread, whichContinue reading “Cloudstreet (Singapore)”

Hershey’s Chocolate World (Singapore)

Dessert $ On your way to their Universal Studios on Sentosa island, there’s a cute Hershey’s chocolate shop that sells a range of famous chocolate brands. Decided to go for the Reese’s Big Cup with potato chips. Very crunchy! Nice balance of sweet and savoury. 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫 7/10

Quan Ji (權记) (Singapore)

Hawker Stall $ At the Amoy Street Food Centre, you are surrounded by locals, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner! There’s so many hawker stalls, but this one looked especially popular. Opted for the beef hor fun, and braised beancurd. You know you’re in a legit Asian place when they have to get someone to translateContinue reading “Quan Ji (權记) (Singapore)”

Loui’s NY Pizza Parlour (Singapore)

Theme Park $$ Just as it started pouring rain, it was lunchtime! In standard Universal Studios style, there was a NY pizza parlour around. There was no pork, so we tried the beef salami pizza, and the kids beef meatballs mac and cheese. Not the best, but wouldn’t expect too much from a theme park.Continue reading “Loui’s NY Pizza Parlour (Singapore)”

Bambu (South Melbourne)

Asian $$ Came across this place in the South Melbourne Market. Always so busy there, you really have to pick your timing! They have both a takeaway and dine-in option, if you buy at the outside stall, you won’t be allowed to sit at the designated tables (something I discovered after I bought food!) TriedContinue reading “Bambu (South Melbourne)”

Purple Yum Cafe (Chadstone)

Filipino/Cafe $ This quaint little Filipino joint has a fantastic ube cake that I just keep going back for. It’s not too sweet and incredibly moist, and the icing is the perfect finish. It’s very popular, and I can see why! They also sell a few traditional dishes for lunch, mostly rice based. Great simpleContinue reading “Purple Yum Cafe (Chadstone)”

Blackstar (Chadstone)

Dessert $ Of course their famous watermelon cake is delicious, but their black sesame cheesecake is really great too! Have to say the watermelon is still my favourite though, perfect balance of light and creamy but not too sweet. Also tried their limited edition hot cross buns; sweet and sticky on the outside but softContinue reading “Blackstar (Chadstone)”

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice (Singapore)

Hawker Stall $ This Hainanese chicken lives up to the hype of its Michelin star. Super tender chicken, beautiful light but flavourful chicken rice, and only $5! Certainly a soul food I could eat everyday. Sadly, only available at the Maxwell Food Centre. 🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚 10/10

Marble Yakiniku (Glen Waverley)

Japanese $$$ Wow. What a hidden gem! Can barely see anything from the outside, but inside is a modern Japanese delight. Got the plum banquet set menu, absolutely delicious, very decent amount for $130. Highlights were the BBQ meat and the foie gras rice, insanely rich and flavourful. The cheesecake was also amazing! Fantastic placeContinue reading “Marble Yakiniku (Glen Waverley)”

Grill’d (Chadstone)

Burgers $$ Got Simon Says and Summer Sunset; have to say they nailed the beef burger! Despite advertising I’m sure it’s not exactly healthy, but sure tastes good. Chicken burger was a bit dry, but still pretty tasty. The truffle wagyu is nothing special, a bit bland. The ‘healthy’ fried chicken is decent, hits theContinue reading “Grill’d (Chadstone)”

Ichi Ni (St Kilda)

Japanese $$ Just across the road from St Kilda beach, this is a perfect light lunch for a hot day. Huge variety in the menu, with fresh sushi, sashimi, rolls, baos, curry, bbq and more. We tried the Dragon and Kaisen Maki rolls, Teppan Kasu (miso eggplant), salmon tacos, Mint Ginger Smash mocktail. Eggplant wasContinue reading “Ichi Ni (St Kilda)”

Sushi Kona (Forest Hill)

Japanese $ Stumbled across this place in a rush at the Forest Hill shopping centre, looks like a typical sushi takeaway joint, but fairly decent quality! The box I bought had great variety too. The wasabi was a bit bland but the price wasn’t bad at $16.50, would definitely get again. 🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣 9/10

Delight Kitchen (Mount Waverley)

Chinese $$ I haven’t had decent Chinese food in a while, this place hit the spot! Known for their Peking duck which you need to order at least 24 hrs in advance. Peking duck was delicious, skin was very crispy and more filling than it looked, and the wrappings were nice and thin. The duckContinue reading “Delight Kitchen (Mount Waverley)”

Guzman y Gomez (Chadstone)

Mexican $ This place is so popular! I think it’s because they pitch themselves as ‘healthy’ and they have a drive-through. I can’t argue against the tastiness. The burritos are very filling, nachos are nothing amazing but pretty decent, and the hard tacos are super salty but very flavoursome. Chicken is mediocre quality, fish andContinue reading “Guzman y Gomez (Chadstone)”

Dao Noodle (CBD)

Chinese $ Famous for it’s DMX noodles i.e. knife sliced noodles, this is a cute Chinese restaurant gem hidden away from the busy CBD streets that makes it’s own noodles. The Shanxi traditional pork noodles are beautifully fresh with a tomato sauce, almost like a perfectly balanced Asian spaghetti bolognese. The braised beef is notContinue reading “Dao Noodle (CBD)”