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Pepe’s Italian and Liquor

Italian $$ The Pepe pop-up at the aus open had the lasagna, which I am always a sucker for! Sadly it lacked flavour, would not say was worth the price. Hopefully the restaurant version is much better. 🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝 6/10 https://www.pepesitalian.com.au/


Italian $$ Got to try the pop-up of Marameo at the Aus Open. Had their black pepper pasta, can’t say I was blown away, fairly peppery, and could’ve used more cheese! It was peak dinnertime so may have been made in a rush, if I try the actual restaurant one day I hope for better.Continue reading “Marameo”

Ichi Ni (St Kilda)

Japanese $$ Just across the road from St Kilda beach, this is a perfect light lunch for a hot day. Huge variety in the menu, with fresh sushi, sashimi, rolls, baos, curry, bbq and more. We tried the Dragon and Kaisen Maki rolls, Teppan Kasu (miso eggplant), salmon tacos, Mint Ginger Smash mocktail. Eggplant wasContinue reading “Ichi Ni (St Kilda)”


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