Guzman y Gomez (Chadstone)

Mexican $ This place is so popular! I think it’s because they pitch themselves as ‘healthy’ and they have a drive-through. I can’t argue against the tastiness. The burritos are very filling, nachos are nothing amazing but pretty decent, and the hard tacos are super salty but very flavoursome. Chicken is mediocre quality, fish andContinue reading “Guzman y Gomez (Chadstone)”

La Tortilleria (Kensington)

Mexican $ A little north of the city, this place is halfway down a very unassuming street of Kensington, but is definitely a hidden gem. The $32 feed me menu is great value, with a range of food. My favourites were the pork tacos, the beef quesadilla, and the chicken tostada. The pork was veryContinue reading “La Tortilleria (Kensington)”

Frankie’s Tortas and Tacos (Collingwood)

Mexican $$ Doesn’t look like much, but this little place has the best soft tacos I’ve ever had! Would order a whole batch of chicken tacos next time. Pork tacos were less impressive, a bit chewy. Tried the fried fish sandwich too; fish was beautifully crumbed and well cooked, and went very well with theContinue reading “Frankie’s Tortas and Tacos (Collingwood)”