Purple Yum Cafe (Chadstone)

Filipino/Cafe $ This quaint little Filipino joint has a fantastic ube cake that I just keep going back for. It’s not too sweet and incredibly moist, and the icing is the perfect finish. It’s very popular, and I can see why! They also sell a few traditional dishes for lunch, mostly rice based. Great simpleContinue reading “Purple Yum Cafe (Chadstone)”

Blackstar (Chadstone)

Dessert $ Of course their famous watermelon cake is delicious, but their black sesame cheesecake is really great too! Have to say the watermelon is still my favourite though, perfect balance of light and creamy but not too sweet. Also tried their limited edition hot cross buns; sweet and sticky on the outside but softContinue reading “Blackstar (Chadstone)”

Grill’d (Chadstone)

Burgers $$ Got Simon Says and Summer Sunset; have to say they nailed the beef burger! Despite advertising I’m sure it’s not exactly healthy, but sure tastes good. Chicken burger was a bit dry, but still pretty tasty. The truffle wagyu is nothing special, a bit bland. The ‘healthy’ fried chicken is decent, hits theContinue reading “Grill’d (Chadstone)”

Guzman y Gomez (Chadstone)

Mexican $ This place is so popular! I think it’s because they pitch themselves as ‘healthy’ and they have a drive-through. I can’t argue against the tastiness. The burritos are very filling, nachos are nothing amazing but pretty decent, and the hard tacos are super salty but very flavoursome. Chicken is mediocre quality, fish andContinue reading “Guzman y Gomez (Chadstone)”

Danji (Chadstone)

Korean $$ A fantastic Korean place on a quieter suburban street of Chadstone. It doesn’t look like much from the outside but has some of best best Korean Fried Chicken I’ve had! Crunchy on the outside, but flavoursome and tender on the inside. Looks like a family run business; definitely deserves more customers, 100% worthContinue reading “Danji (Chadstone)”

Master Lanzhou Noodle Bar (Chadstone)

Chinese $ Was craving a good bowl of noodle soup, so came here! House-made noodles, warm beefy broth, definitely hit the spot. I had the signature handmade beef noodle soup (minus coriander so looks a bit bare!) and the spicy and numb beef noodle soup. The signature was okay, personally I feel like it’s tooContinue reading “Master Lanzhou Noodle Bar (Chadstone)”

Little White Duck (Chadstone)

Chinese $$ Been meaning to try this restaurant in the Chadstone foodcourt for a while! Tried the shanghai pan-fried black truffle pork buns and the homemade buns, pretty good! Couldn’t taste any truffle, not as flavourful as I’d like, but still delicious. And I know the homemade buns are easy to make, but I’m aContinue reading “Little White Duck (Chadstone)”

Shanghai Red (Chadstone)

Chinese $$ Has some of the best dim sum of Melbourne! Prawn dumplings and xiao long bao are amazing, great quality meat. Prefer the regular xiao long bao over truffle xiao long bao. And can’t look past a great bao with condensed milk. Love love love. Main drawback is that it’s expensive for Asian food.Continue reading “Shanghai Red (Chadstone)”

New Shanghai (Chadstone)

Chinese $$ Best place for Xiao Long Baos, and excellent crispy chicken noodle soup. Both the steamed Xiao Long Baos and the pan fried are top-notch; very juicy and flavourful. Egg yolk tofu also fantastic, soft inside with salty crispy coating. https://www.newshanghai.com.au/ 🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜10/10