Dao Noodle (CBD)

Chinese $ Famous for it’s DMX noodles i.e. knife sliced noodles, this is a cute Chinese restaurant gem hidden away from the busy CBD streets that makes it’s own noodles. The Shanxi traditional pork noodles are beautifully fresh with a tomato sauce, almost like a perfectly balanced Asian spaghetti bolognese. The braised beef is notContinue reading “Dao Noodle (CBD)”

Society (CBD)

Modern Australian $$$ This fine dining restaurant was a little hard to find, within the small laneways between Collins and Little Collins in the CBD. Relatively new with an la carte menu, Society definitely has some delicious dishes, but overall did not feel worth the incredibly steep prices. The standout was the lobster ravioli, incrediblyContinue reading “Society (CBD)”

Cafe d’ Hong Kong (CBD)

Cantonese $ If you ever feel like eating Cantonese without going to Hong Kong, this place will curb your cravings. Displaying a variety of Hong Kong’s unique blend of Asian and Western food, the food isn’t fantastic quality but fairly decent with generous serving sizes. I’ll never get over how odd it is to seeContinue reading “Cafe d’ Hong Kong (CBD)”

Seoul Station (CBD)

Korean $ On the prominent corner of MC in the city, this Korean fast food place serves unique Korean hotdogs. Dipped in batter and coated with sugar, this hotdog is then topped with tomato sauce and mustard. Certainly not a combination I’d ever tried before! Other options included being coated with potato or ramen. AnContinue reading “Seoul Station (CBD)”

Pinchy’s (CBD)

Seafood $$ When a pop-up appeared near home, decided to give this place a try! The lobster rolls were crunchy and flavoursome, the fries worked well with the truffle aioli. The other tacos were nice, but not particularly memorable. Everything was well-presented, but still felt hungry after; given the price, was hoping for more. Continue reading “Pinchy’s (CBD)”

Hawker Chan (Chadstone)

Asian $ Sadly, since eating here between lockdowns, the Chadstone branch has closed! But there is still a store in the city! Which I’m sure is just as delicious. For me, this is a perfect Asian comfort food; chicken rice with charsiu (roast pork) is just a classic! Definitely worth it’s Michelin star, and notContinue reading “Hawker Chan (Chadstone)”

La Petite Creperie (CBD)

French $ The wonderful buttery smell of crepes alone is enough to draw crowds at this small stall on Little Collins St on the CBD. The service is lovely and friendly, and while not super cheap, you can’t go wrong with crepes! Great if you’re craving dessert at night in the city. A nice sliceContinue reading “La Petite Creperie (CBD)”

The Waiters Restaurant (CBD)

Italian $$ A cute Italian restaurant that’s hidden away in the city, this place has a wonderful stripped back vibe that feels like you’re eating at Nonna’s house. Order from a no-fuss menu for a pleasant Italian meal. Wouldn’t be my favourite Italian place and was more expensive than I expected, but a lovely restaurantContinue reading “The Waiters Restaurant (CBD)”

Supernormal (CBD)

Asian Fusion $$ A cute Asian fusion restaurant in the CBD. Opted for the banquet so we didn’t have to make any decisions! Highlights were the prawn and chicken dumplings, and the peanut butter parfait for dessert. Lowlights were the kingfish, and the lamb shoulder; it was very tough and chewy, and the kingfish wasContinue reading “Supernormal (CBD)”

The Mess Hall (CBD)

Italian $$ On a street full of great Italian restaurants, it must be tough to stand out! But this quaint little restaurant has an authentic vibe, with great quality pasta. Duck ragu pappardelle was delicious with good bite! The seafood tagliatelle had a decent amount of prawns, but was a little salty. Gnocchi was anotherContinue reading “The Mess Hall (CBD)”

Din Tai Fung (CBD)

Taiwanese $$ One of my favourite places for xiao long bao (pork dumplings). Super juicy with a light dumpling skin, mmm. They even have instructions on how to eat it printed on the chopstick packets! Food comes very fast and you order everything (with pictures to guide you) on an ipad. My other favourite hereContinue reading “Din Tai Fung (CBD)”

Osteria Ilaria (CBD)

Italian $$$ In terms of Italian in the city, had never heard of this place! But this place is a gem! Everything was beautifully flavourful and buttery. Highlights were the croquettes (wonderfully crunchy), duck pappardelle (nothing like that bitey fresh pasta) and fried potato. On top of that, desserts were also incredible, ricotta gelato hadContinue reading “Osteria Ilaria (CBD)”