Cafe d’ Hong Kong (CBD)

Cantonese $

If you ever feel like eating Cantonese without going to Hong Kong, this place will curb your cravings. Displaying a variety of Hong Kong’s unique blend of Asian and Western food, the food isn’t fantastic quality but fairly decent with generous serving sizes. I’ll never get over how odd it is to see spaghetti and macaroni on an Asian menu! Tried the stir fried beef, tomato and scrabbled egg on rice. Surprisingly well balanced, with a sweet sauce balancing the savouriness of the beef and egg. The chicken fish fried rice was not bad either, although the chicken quality was mediocre. As for dessert, it’s hard to go condensed milk and butter on bread, especially when the butter is so thick!

🍛🍛🍛🍛🍛🍛🍛 7/10


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