Cloudstreet (Singapore)

Modern Australian $$$$

This Sri-Lankan born Australian chef behind Cloudstreet, Rishi Naleendra, has done a fantastic job with this place! The food, cutlery, and interior are all visually stunning. Had the 5 course set menu. Favourites included the creamy curry broth, the perfectly seasoned and cooked beef wagyu, and the stout and liquorice bread, which funnily enough, was the huge standout! The bread was sticky and sweet on the outside, but beautiful soft and warm on the inside. The butter and salt on top was perfection!
All in all, certainly a unique modern Asian/Australia influenced menu. And for dessert, they take you to a different area of the restaurant, so don’t be surprised if people start disappearing around you. While I did enjoy the innovation in the desserts, which included a celeriac ice-cream, they weren’t a highlight. All in all a great experience, but very pricey.



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