Ichi Ni (St Kilda)

Japanese $$

Just across the road from St Kilda beach, this is a perfect light lunch for a hot day. Huge variety in the menu, with fresh sushi, sashimi, rolls, baos, curry, bbq and more. We tried the Dragon and Kaisen Maki rolls, Teppan Kasu (miso eggplant), salmon tacos, Mint Ginger Smash mocktail. Eggplant was a touch bland, could definitely have used more miso, but the Dragon Maki rolls were great with the siracha sauce. The Kaisen Maki had a good mix of fish, but my favourite was the salmon tacos. Crunchy and fresh! The mocktail was not too sweet but gingery and refreshing. Definitely a bit pricey, but tasty with great vibes on the beachside, would come back to try more on their menu (their set menu looked great!)

🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣 8/10


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