Taste of Korea 찐 (JJIN) (Singapore)

Korean $$

Didn’t expect to see so much Korean food in Singapore! Was wondering around and saw this place was super popular, so decided to walk in. It was pretty full, but luckily they had a spot for us. Had the beef and pork set, which comes with several sides and a soup; we went with soft tofu soup, which was lightly spiced but warm and comforting. Sides included kimchi, eggplant, and picked radish. Loved the thinly sliced beef and pork belly! Extra delicious in our self-made ‘ssam’, where you wrap a piece of meat in lettuce and add sides (for us was kimchi, garlic, and pork belly dipped Ssamjang sauce) and eat it all in one mouthful. Somehow elevates everything; salty, sweet, warm and crunchy! A lovely waiter cooked our bbq for us (although we had the option of doing it ourselves). Also ordered ramen, specifically army ramen, which was simple but salty and delicious, ramen was cooked perfectly. Felt odd to have sausages in what is essentially instant noodles, but fun to try! Milkis drink was very sweet but a good counterpart to the grease of the meat. Pricey at $120, but definitely worth it.

🍖🍖🍖🍖🍖🍖🍖🍖🍖 9/10



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